Don't switch to Infinity Real Estate!!(Unless you're ready to make a change!) If you're like most agents, you're simply not needing or wanting to change brokerages. But when you're ready and looking to make a move, be sure to contact us so that you can learn more about us.

Infinity was founded because we realize that it is the agent who works hard to build their business and earn clients. Therefore, it is the agent who should put the majority of every commission in their pockets, not the broker.

We believe that the agent should have more freedom to market themselves in their own way. After all, your clients are working with you because of you, not because of your broker. What has your broker done to earn their share of your hard-earned commission?

Infinity Real Estate & Management Group has offices in Rochester, Austin & soon-to-be Red Wing, MN. Our offices offer a professional atmosphere for you to meet with your clients.

Commission Structure: We strive to keep our commission structure as simple as possible. This way our agents have no questions about how much commision they will take home, regardless of which plan the agent chooses. Agents can change plans on January 1st or July 1st of each year if they desire.

Monthly Fee Transaction Fee (Per Side) Monthly Desk Fee
Plan 1 - Virtual Office
Plan 1 - With Desk
Plan 2 - Virtual Office
Plan 2 - With Desk

To learn more about joining the Infinity team, contact:
Jon Espy-Owner/Broker/REALTOR(R)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q What separates Infinity Real Estate from other companies?
A No Hidden Fees
No Minimums to Earn 100% of Your Commission
Low Overhead Puts More Money in Your Pocket
Q If I join, do I have to pay desk fees?
A Not if you don't want to! We offer our agents the choice of working virtually or renting a desk at our office. Even if you work virtually, you get FULL use of our office to meet with our clients
Q Do I have to earn a minimum commission in the previous year to qualify for the best commission plan this year?
A Absolutely not! We keep it simple with your choice of two plans. Both are extremely competitive and put the maximum amount of commission in YOUR pocket.
Q What about advertising material? Do I need to create all of my own marketing material from scratch?
A Nope! We took the time to create professional-looking post signs, open house signs, business cards, listing presentations, flyers & more so that you don't have to spend the time or money doing it! You just need to download the material and fill in the blanks!
Q What if I want to schedule an interview now?
A To schedule an interview now, email our broker Jon Espy here. Or, call him directly at 507-273-2261
Q If I schedule an interview, what will happen?
A Once scheduled, you and our broker, Jon Espy, will meet confidentially at the Infinity office or at a neutral location. After the meeting, you can say "no thanks, Infinity is not a match for me." If we're not the right match for you, no hard feelings! Saying "Yes" is also a good answer! When you say "Yes" and we say "Yes", we fill out the paperwork and make the switch and get you started!

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